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Gift Cards

Gift cards are more popular than ever with consumers these days. With that being said, Score Processing can help you get your gift card program underway affordably! Not only will offering gift cards enhance your customer’s experience, affordable way for you to offer your customer gift cards while also enhancing their customer service experience. Rewarding your loyal customers and gaining new customers are always a top priority in business. Score Processing has many programs that can help you drive profits. Score Processing’s gift card system is easy to use. All cards can be activated and re-loaded from any POS (Point of Sale) terminal at all of your business locations. All merchant reporting is done automatically through POS terminals and all transactions and reports can be accessed in real time.

Gift cards also provide profitability due to “breakage”. Some cards may never be redeemed for its full value that was initially placed. Breakage is the unredeemed dollar amount left on the card. Breakage will remain as a positive in your bank account which in turn is a profit. Here are some benefits to offering gift cards to your customers: